A New Elite Mini HX90 (Mini PC) with AMD RYZEN 9 processor introduce by Minisforum

Minisforum has introduced its new Elite Mini HX90 for lightweight gaming. It comes with AMD RYZEN 9 ZEN 3 generation processor. When you compare this Elite mini PC with the latest revealed by INTEL Beast canyon NUC mini gaming PC it’s not the gaming PC Against beast canyon. Because beast canyon gaming PC comes with a full graphic card and gives high performance and is also good for high-end games but the Elite mini gaming PC is made for lightweight gaming with a mobile AMD RYZEN 9 processor.

This Elite mini HX90 comes with the latest AMD CPU RYZEN 9 5900HX. This AMD product is the latest and one of the fastest products which are found in gaming LAPTOP (Razer Blade 14) that is highly liked by users.

The Elite mini gaming PC has integrated graphics cards that offer a lot more good gaming graphics. You can play games on 60 FPS with an integrated GPU.

This mini PC supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM with 2.5 inches SATA 6GB per second ports. It has the WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. This Elite mini PC cooling of CPU is controlled by a premium liquid metal compound consisting of a single for blowing air.


1-AMD RYZEN 9 generation 3 (CPU)


3-GPU (VEGA Eight Graphic cores 2.1 GHz)

4-Play games 60 FPS to 90 FPS

5-Support 64GB RAMS

6-WiFI 6/ 2.1gbps LAN ports

7- Bluetooth 5.1

8-cooling controlled system

Prices Starting From:

  • $649 (add RAM, SSD, and OS)
  • $ 799 (16GB Ram and 256GB SSD)
  • $829 (Double storage 512GB)
  • $909 (32GB RAM and 512GB SSD)

Note-There will be a discount of $100 for preordering.





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