AMD Loses GPU Market Share Compare to NVIDIA 2021

If we talk about the AMD loses GPU market share when it compares to Nvidia then this gap is too far away in the shipment of graphic cards. When we compare Nvidia GPU shipment to AMD it’s almost 80% out of 100% of Graphics cards are sold by Nvidia.

If we see the report Intel is still the largest supplier of graphic cards because every single CPU sells by Intel consists of an integrated graphics chip. There are two types of categories, GPU shipment one is for all types of GPU like Graphic card for gaming PC, GPU for consoles, embedded Graphic card, and other is discrete GPUs for laptop. Discrete GPUs are used in narrow spaces like laptops.

AMD Loses GPU Market share

AMD Loses GPU Market share

If we see AMD loses GPU market shares the AMD GPU market down from 20% to 17% in 2021. It was 20% a year ago and is now down from 17% in the second quarter of 2021.

And now according to the latest report from Jon Peddie research and consulting firm that Nvidia is now dominating 83% in the GPU share market compare to AMD. A survey shows that difference between AMD and Nvidia is being 15-31% and 75-41%.

As we all know that market share is always makes an impact on developers. If you have a dominant position in market share then this will make an impact on developers because they prioritized the technologies that are in the dominant position in market share. If we see Nvidia and AMD both technologies are doing the same thing but they doing their own ways and it’s up to developers to choose one of them according to their ability.

Mostly the GPU sales increase in the holiday season because in holidays people are more likely to buy GPUs. Due to this reason under stock up on Graphic cards this season.

AMD Loses GPU Market share

If we talk about the latest generation of GPUs from AMD (RDNA 2) which is integrated into the latest game consoles like (play station 5) and Xbox series X/S.This latest generation GPU is very capable and could make an impact on developers.

Due to Covid, we see its impact on every market in the world. Due to this impact different kinds of breakdowns are not going to impact consumers because in the time of GPU shortage they will buy any of one available Graphic card which they can easily purchase but these breakdowns will definitely impact on manufacture they will have kind of losses in market share like AMD having right now.

According to news Intel is coming into the discrete GPU market and will compare with AMD and Nvidia in the discrete GPUs market. Let’s see what kind of impact this will make on market share in 2022.

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