Building a Gaming PC in 2021

Building a gaming pc is not that complicated, no matter how many gaming PCs or consoles of the modern generation, one thing is the same for them all; shape. If you have a large gaming PC, you should probably expect it to be very aesthetically pleasing.

Building a computer is a process that creates more problems than it is worth, especially since looking nice is more important than using the computer. Fortunately, there are many factors to consider when building a gaming PC.

Building a Gaming PC

First of all, which building method will work best for you? The easiest approach is to purchase a fully-configured PC for future upgrades.

I have two PCs, one for purposes of writing up my personal computer briefing scripts, and one for research for future projects. Once you have a PC, you will find that it is not the best use of a gaming PC. You can get your whole home office setup for a less than $50,000 PC.

If you have a little small size gaming PC, then you will definitely need to think about your gaming pc weight. Generally, you are paying a premium for a big gaming PC. The key to a gaming PC is as light as possible, especially when the computer is used. A few $3,000 gaming PCs can weigh in at over 300 pounds. A smaller gaming PC weighs only 60 pounds.

Finally, the PC will have plenty of components. With all the parts on board, it will take anywhere from 20 to 75 hours to finish building. Regardless of how small your building method is, it will have to have those features!

How to Build a Gaming PC

Choosing the right gaming PC is very important. Nowadays, a lot of companies sell them as extremely feature-rich machines, with all the PC components. But that isn’t always the case. Buy a small gaming PC, you will have more power than you will have to buy a mid-size PC. But you will have to make decisions on the components you want. You might want to get a graphics card, but that can buy out the power in the motherboard. That can’t be solved with a $300 graphics card.

So now you want a test case while building a gaming PC that is spacious enough for you to test a new machine configuration without having any issues with the case. That was what we found for our case, after spending some time playing around with various cases.

Things to be considered before Building a Gaming PC

Size and Quality

As we previously said, building a gaming PC is a process of tradeoffs. You won’t be the wrong way if you go with the most inexpensive gaming PC at the time. It will also save a lot of money. But you won’t be so wrong in playing around with the performance. Your gaming PC is a very big investment. If you can afford the size and build quality of a larger gaming PC, it’s possible for you to save the best aspects of the company and not pay the upfront cost by listing the unit as a power configuration on eBay.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many gaming PCs at this price. But for different communities, are getting a lot of stock. So take your time and you will find a special case that is portable and lightweight. The other market includes selling parts for gaming PCs, and you will need to look closely at the components on the market. You won’t find the right piece of hardware for your specific computer case.


Also, you need to do some work so that you know the components you will be adding to your new PC. If you have the space, you can use a liquid cooling system to help the parts cool. Also, there are cases with fans, but they don’t have water cooling fans, which doesn’t provide the best performance for water cooling (unless you have some high-capacity fans). You will need some of those components as well, as they are expensive.


One more thing to consider is mechanical storage drives. They sound amazing on the volume, but due to space constraints, these tend to be only used on expensive models. Most of the gaming PCs are plastic, with fans, and fans don’t like for mechanical storage drives to drive as hard as they can in their fan-filled race boxes.

Final Words

We recommend you get a good case to ensure that the components are in the right place. Usually, the lower the price, the higher the speed of the computer, so it would be very easy to go crazy and sacrifice the overall stability of the PC. Just like when choosing to play a videogame, it is better to be sure that the systems are in the right place.

To conclude, a good gaming PC is going to use more than it is worth. I am not against a big computer, and it is necessary to have a computer if you are able to play a videogame that requires horsepower for real processing. But you should first take care of your case and set a good price.


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