Dell Gaming PCs Ban by USA Government in 2021

As we all know that a PC maker Dell is the largest PCs makers who offer tons of different products in the market. From now some of their products are not available in the market because the USA government bans some of Dell gaming PCs in few US states. These Dell gaming PCs are High-end Gaming PC and power consumption products; they don’t meet the regulations of energy consumption implemented by California. These high-end gaming PCs are ban by the US government in a few US states include,







This news about the Dell gaming PCs ban should not be a surprise for you because previously we already told about that Dell stop shipping its high-end products in 6 US states and now it’s come up with a total ban because Dell PC makers ignore the regulations of energy consumptions and ban by US government.

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The Reason Behind Dell PCs Banned

Dell Gaming PCs Ban
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The main reason behind Dell PCs being banned by the US government is that they do not meet the regulations of energy consumption and also they ignore the energy regulations. Due to this reason, Dell PCs (high-end gaming PC) are banned in 6 us states by the USA local government. This is why the news broke by Dell website that few of their high-end Gaming PCs cannot be shipped or available in some of US states. The high-end gaming PCs stops shipped by Dell are

1-Alienware Aurora R10

2-Alienware Aurora R12

Is This a Ban for All gaming PCs?

The energy consumption regulations were implemented by California on July 1st, 2021 and they have described in detail these energy regulations for every type of Gaming PC. These energy consumption regulations are formulae for every grade of PC and also for their components as well they should meet the requirement of energy consumption regulations by California. If a gaming PC and its component exceed the rules of energy consumption, they will not ship in few US states.

Dell Gaming PCs Ban

What are the impacts of energy consumption regulation by California?

These energy regulation is not going to impact the average consumer because they already meet the requirements of energy consumption regulations. These energy regulations will impact the gaming PC components that are used for crypto mining.

If you wanted to build your own PC then these regulation is not going to affect you. But you should have information and knowledge about these energy regulations because in the future these regulations could be applied to PC components and also could expand in more US states.

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