Fortnight Battle Royal New update V18.10

Fortnight Battle Royal update v 18.10 coming with new chili chug splash flavor, super level styles, toona fish canvas, and fixing some bugs with balance changes in the game.

Chili Chug Splash

Chili chug splash
Chili chug splash

The new update comes with a new chug splash flavor which helps you to restore health and shield also gives you an energy boost to boost your speed. The flavor of this chili chug splash is like spicy fish or pepper. You can also give this new chug splash to your friends.

Super Level styles and XP improvements

In the previous season, 8 outfits were available for those players who pas the level 100 but now with new update super level styles you need to get 140 levels to unlock new styles outfits like charlotte, kor, Fabio sparkle mane, L.B.Chimpanski, and Torin.

To help you to get to the level where you can unlock outfits they have made improvements in XP earned so you can Earn XP fast.

  • Increase XP earned from your daily punchcard missions
  • XP to all shared Quests
  • Increased XP rewards
  • Weekly punchcard XP has been slightly decreased


Toona fish CANVAS

In Fortnight’s new update Battle Royal v18.10 new toona fish quests have been added so you can have more favorite characters. With this new toona fish canvas, you can unlock 20 new styles and do it in your own styles.


Some New Changes

  • Slipstream will disable at the
  1. Final storm circle
  2. Core playlist
  3. Phase 5 of storm
  • You cannot access Chug cannons anymore from Loot LIamas
  • Sideways will disappear earlier than before
  • The rail gun also has been removed


  • In the new update bug issues has been fixed in these issues
  • Fixed issues of the vehicle taking heavy damage during colliding
  • Fixed Language issues on donation boards
  • Fixed voice chat issue

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