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Noting is worse than this if you are a gaming lover and have not yet played this epic game called Fortnight. Fortnight is an online video game that comes with three different game mode versions. Fortnight is full of action games where you can have some action gameplay alongside your teammates.

 Fortnight is one of the most famous games which is played by millions of players around the world. This game became the most successful and overwhelming game which crossed 125 million players in a single year and it’s earning millions of dollars each month. You can play this epic game on various devices and your PC, MAC, and Play Station, and X box series.

Fortnight comes with three epic modes like fortnight battle royal, fortnight creative, and fortnight save the world and every mode is different from others with a different type of gameplay.

Fortnight Modes

  • Fortnight battle royal
  • Fortnight creative
  • Fortnight save the world

Fortnight Battle Royal

Fortnight battle royal
Fortnight battle royal

In this mode, you can play individually, double, or with a squad along with your teammates. In Fortnight battle royal you have to play against 100 players and fight with them. At the start of the game, you will land from a bus that crosses the game map on the upside.

After landing you need to find some weapons different items and resources to fight and attack other players there are also some vehicles you can also use to stay alive. Players that are outside the area of the threshold take damage due to being away from the fighting area. In the end, any team or its individual player who stays alive will be the winner of the game.

 Fortnight Creative

Fortnight creative
Fortnight creative

Fortnight’s creative mode is similar to mine craft where players are free to do everything every single player has given access to a private island where they can create buildings and different objects according to their desires.

They can collect different resources like wood, bricks, and metal and use their resources to create walls, floors, and stairs; they also can make a game full of the battle arena with the help of this model.

Players can also invite their friends to this private island and they can help you to create race tracks and jumping courses by participating unofficially.

Fortnight save the World

Fortnight save the world
Fortnight save the world

This mode is describing everything by its name like save the world. In this mode save the world, players are given a task to help the people when a fluke storm appears across the earth and it causes the damage of 98% population and survivors attacked by the zombie.

Then you have to help the people by taking the role of commander. You need to save the survivors by collect the resources and defending equipment so you can push back the storm with the help of this defending equipment.

In Fortnight save the world mode you and your friends have to fight with the monster and survive against them with the help of different resources you have collected from the loot like craft weapons.


Fortnight Skins

Fortnight comes with beautiful high-quality fortnight skins and outfits. If you looking for the fortnight skins list then you can find all the fortnight skins and outfits through this link.


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