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I have been playing Fortnite for quite a while now. When I started playing fortnight gameplay, I basically spent about 45 days learning how to play the game for myself. Now I’m seriously asking you like an info warrior out there to please email me. You can send me tips on content, new game ideas, bug fixes, or is there anything else that you’re not covered in here?

If so, please feel free to email me to let me know and I’ll be happy to write about it if you’re so curious.

If you’re reading this article it probably means that I’m in a good area of progression and development within the game and that I’m collecting info on a subject of interest to me. I don’t know where I’m at with Fortnite just yet.

I’m highly ranked right now on the Battle Pass, thanks for checking in from my empty house.

One of the perks of the Battle Pass is the Weekly Epic Tuesdays/Wednesdays. For this post, Epic has taken the time to put together a list of ways to improve your stats and (possible) quests that you can take on to gain more XP. It is worth seeing some of the rewards below!

Fortnite GamePlay

To make your reward more than just a random that will enhance your stats, please continue to grind and look at the Achievements listed below which were given to players who have simply mined enough from their quests. Your mileage to what you can come up with may vary.

  • Redesign a Battle Pass
  • Take a photo of the loot
  • Complete a Cravate Challenge
  • Complete a Fishing task
  • Master shooting Challenge
  • Complete a Sliding Search
  • Complete an underwater quest
  • Discover a rare monster
  • Fly 2,000 meters in 40 minutes
  • Become a star
  • Explore beyond the battle zone
  • Went for a trail of demons
  • Racers can easily access patch 1.0 by defeating 14 challenges.
  • Went for a hike in Disko, now I have to complete hunt 1.0 to unlock 15 challenges


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