Gaming PC Building Simulator Beginners Guide

Ever wanted to build your own dream computer? In PC Building Simulator you can build a computer from scratch and use it to do amazing things. You can also play games, record videos, and more!

The Gaming PC Building Simulator is now on Steam and it’s got a tone of confusing stuff. Follow our guides given below:

PC Building Simulator

Gaming PC Building Simulator is a video game that uses to build and maintain PCs. The player has to choose from a variety of computers and components, as well as upgrade them. They have to build, maintain, and upgrade their PCs to match the needs of potential customers. In addition, they have to manage employees and learn about different components in order to improve their business.

It’s not an educational game in the sense of trying to teach you something, but rather one where you learn while playing. It presents you with real-world parts from computer manufacturers like Asus and MSI and places them on a workbench.

PC Building Simulator Guides

In addition to this, you can also download third-party simulations from the Steam Workshop. While the Free Build mode provides a variety of rigs to choose from, these community-made files allow you to create your rig as per your requirement. However, it is worth noting that SLI and crossfire link have not been integrated into the simulator as of yet.

How to build your PC through PC Builder Simulator

PC Builder Simulator
PC Builder Simulator

Account Balance

Your account will start with a negative $15 balance. But don’t be stressed; you can still buy your favorite products without any restrictions as long as your negative balance doesn’t exceed the limit of -$100. But if your account is below this value then you have to pay the bank $10 each day to continue making purchases.

Additionally, if you’re negative balance is less than -$3,000 you won’t be able to purchase new vehicles. You will have to finish job tasks or sell spare parts if you want to make sure you can buy them.

When you’re building a PC, many components go into it. With this app, you can pick out the ones you want to buy and see what they look like up close with its camera or click around to put them together. If you’re interested in PC building, but don’t know where to start, the “Build a New PC” option will take you through the basics.


You start off with one workbench in Level 1. You can purchase a second one once you reach Level 3, and the third one at Level 8.  There are three workbenches you can get: one at Level 3, and the other two at Levels 8 and 10. However, unlike the ones you purchase, these ones require a special testing tool to be able to use them.

The game provides you with a workbench and tools and then it gives you a series of challenges that get more complex as you go along.

Once you’ve clocked in, wait around a minute and a half to receive your job from dispatch. You will get an email from dispatch with the location of your job. It appears that these emails are delayed by about a minute or two so if you don’t get one right away, don’t worry. But if you have 3 rigs at a time you would not receive any email so try to keep them in transit or workshop to receive a new job email.

The machine takes one day to arrive after you order it. If your workbenches are over, you can place the rigs on the floor of the hallway. You don’t have to worry about them being moved around because they are heavy enough to stay in place.


The game will be an RPG much like the Fallout series, where you play as a technician who is also an engineer. Your job is to repair electrical systems and machinery. You do this by finding out what’s wrong with the machine or the system. The rig itself has very little AI so it won’t be able to help you much in this situation

It’s up to you either you want to do jobs or quiet. Sometimes, they may ask something of you that could cost you money. For example, if they ask you to install a 2TB hard disk drive for $70 but will only pay $50, it’s best you decline because there is no profit in this case. To do so, go to your email and click on decline

On the other hand, you have to fix a problem after finding it. In such cases, it’s hard to identify if you should take the job or decline because profit is at risk. You will be able to have decisions in such jobs.

Also, you have to know that you shouldn’t accept a job that will require a 3D mark score that exceeds 3,500 because it’s more expensive for the client when he or she won’t pay you fairly for this job. So, you should reject these kinds of offers to avoid the risks of loss.

Delivery Durations

You have a choice of how quickly you want the parts for your job to be delivered. A less urgent delivery arriving 3-5 days after order will cost $10 while a more urgent delivery arriving the next day will cost $30. The perfect choice is to go with the more profitable option unless you have a deadline due in the near future.


You have to pay for the PC builder simulator each time you visit it. Supermarket Simulator is a handy app that will let you know, in advance, how much your items cost. It’s our suggestion to add at once, all the particular items that are required for a rig. This way you will not have to pay extra and the shop will only charge you once.


  • Computer hardware parts often have notes of the owner’s name which cannot be modified or replaced. But you can simply remove the note to check its functionality
  • The storage that you won at Level 6 isn’t very beneficial for you. You should utilize this instead of placing the rig on the floor for more benefits.
  • At last, cables when cables are powered on getting a tool to automatically connect desk to make your work much faster and more efficient.

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