Gets Free Battlefield 2042 with Ge-force RTX 30 Series Graphics Card

Well, a piece of good news for Gamers who are into gaming because Nvidia is giving free Next-gen Battlefield 2042 when you buy its Geforce RTX 30 series Graphics card then you will get free Battlefield 2042.

The Nvidia RTX 30 series Graphic card will be building Battlefield 2042 are

1-Geforce RTX 3070

2-Geforce RTX 3080

3-Geforce RTX 3090

4-Geforce RTX 307 Ti

5-Geforce RTX 308 T

With this Nvidia RTX 30, you will get early access to Battlefield 2042.

The new launching date of Battlefield 2042 is 22 Oct for the PC, X box series, and play station, 4, 5 consoles. For the PC release Battlefield on steam, origin, and game store. You will also get some bonuses like you will have a different game tag for a profile like Mr chompy, epic weapon charm Baku Tactical knife, and also a special player’s card for the game.



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