How to keep your PC cool while Gaming

The Burning Crusade wasn’t launched in China until December 10th of 2020; in fact, it was one of the last games to launch over there after rumors first surfaced about the game running poorly in China.

And now that the final version of the game is available on the Chinese market, we’ve seen a handful of complaints about how the game works over there. So far, no clue what is wrong but speculation is rife.

How to keep your PC cool while Gaming

At a show in Las Vegas in February 2020, the game developer EA Romania acknowledged a specific bug with regards to

  •  Better Air quality
  •  control Heat sensitivity
  •  Overall cooling
  •  OS” running on server-side should be properly cooled

To fix this particular issue, they worked with Singapore-based studio CyberPunks Corporation, specializing in military-grade engineering services in photonics and thermal management. Specifically, How to keep your PC cool while gaming

“We realized the issue of air circulation and memory usage problems occurring in gameplay during the Burning Crusade, which is a highly variable game. During our continued examinations we observed that GeForce RTX cards were not well calibrated due to the regional design code, there was a lack of memory allocation power consumption, the GPUs had limited cooling capabilities for operating on the Amazon GPU.

Besides our previous performance of training and benchmarking, we encountered this issue in Python to achieve the best overall results. So that’s why we at CyberPunks are here to work on a custom cooling solution for Burning Crusade.” Yuran Wu, Lead Memory Engineer at CyberPunks Corporation.

Setting the stage

The company and the developer have signed a strategic partnership to develop, produce and distribute “specialized edition of IT technologies” specifically designed for CyberPunks’ advanced thermal engineering, with “firmware to enhance power consumption, cooling and performance”.

The China-only “Instamatic R2778 Battery and GPU graphics cards” will provide “customized computing performance for Burning Crusade,

  • Blazing-fast performance
  • Optimal thermal performance
  •  60% smaller fan footprint and variable temperature function

The company reported, which is planned to launch in Q1 2021.

Wooing serious fans and the 5th largest PC market in the world, CyberPunks also announced its plans to launch “Extreme Edition” of its 14.5-inch Odyssey Aero Aero VT66 series and other premium aero gaming laptops in China later this year. CyberPunks also revealed the heat sink design for these laptops, including feature-full 30mm thermal flaps in the MXC700 units, providing twice the cooling performance of its predecessor.

System Adaptive feature

11% reduction in fan speed and cooling water consumption thanks to the “Save CO2” feature Cyberpunks Corporation.

Cyberpunks will also support a number of custom software features specific to the EU Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S by installing them directly into customers’ NVIDIA laptops.

Extreme Edition

“Extreme Edition” of Cyberpunks “Black Shark3” CPU will experience up to a 60% power reduction and 50% fan capacity reduction thanks to Free Sync technology and “be the first to implement these data-mining system features across all Black Shark products”.

Extreme Edition” of Cyberpunks “Black Shark3” GPU will experience up to a 30% power reduction and 50% fan capacity reduction thanks to Free Sync technology and “be the first to implement these data-mining system features across all Black Shark products”.

More info on Cyberpunks’ product range is available at  Cyberpunks


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