How To Turn Your Laptop into A Gaming PC | 12 Best ways in 2021

If you are into Gaming and looking for the answer How to turn your Laptop into a Gaming PC, in 2021 so you can play games on your Laptop by making your laptop a Gaming rig. A Gaming lover who loves to play high-end games understands the difference between of high-end gaming pc or a simple laptop.

A high-end gaming PC helps you to play and run the latest games with high performance which you cannot play with a simple laptop or PC.

If you are looking to turn your laptop into a gaming rig to use it into multipurpose work and get a high-end gaming experience then you can do it in few simple ways because we are going to describe down below that how to turn your laptop into a gaming pc, in 2021.

10 best ways, How to turn your Laptop into Gaming PC 2021

How to turn your Laptop into Gaming PC
How to turn your Laptop into a Gaming PC
  • Upgrade or Add graphic card
  • Upgrade Processor
  • Upgrade RAM
  • Increase your SSD Storage
  • Update latest drivers
  • Add quality accessories
  • Install window 10
  • Adjust your power setting
  • Adding cooling system
  • Add high range power supply


1-Upgrade or Add graphic card

To turn your laptop into a gaming pc the first thing you have to do is upgrade or Add a quality graphics card. Graphics cards play a very important role in gaming to play and run high-end latest gaming you have to add quality GPU into your laptop to make it a Gaming laptop.

2- Upgrade Processor

To get a fast gaming experience processor plays a very important role. By upgrading your processor you can run the latest games on your laptop and play with high-performing speed. Many technology manufacturers companies are making high-quality processors you should go with one of them to play games at a good high speed.

3- Upgrade RAM

To play games with ease RAM also is a very important part of the Gaming rig. RAM is integrated with other Gaming components and provides very good performance of Gaming. To get a good gaming experience you have to upgrade your Laptop RAM to play the latest games with ease.

4- Increase your SSD Storage

To play the latest games on your gaming pc you need large storage to install the latest and various games. To turn your laptop into a gaming pc you have to increase the storage and provide large storage to run the latest games on your pc.

5- Update latest drivers

After the up-gradation of components, the very first thing you need to do is update the latest driver on your laptop. The latest drivers are very important because gaming components like GPU, Processor, and motherboard are compatible with the latest drivers. The Latest Updated driver helps to play fast gaming with high-quality components.

6- Add quality accessories

To turn your laptop into a gaming pc you have to add quality accessories like a quality mechanical keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, and etc to make your laptop a perfect Gaming Rig and play high-end games with quality performance. These gaming accessories help you to play games with control easily.

7- Install window 10

To get a better Gaming experience to install window 10 into your gaming pc and then active game mode because widow 10 gives you the option of active game mode. You can optimize your laptop into gaming by simply active the game mode.

8- Adjust your power setting

Power management is very important when it comes to laptops. Windows 10 gives you some power management options which you can adjust your power through these options.

To adjust your power setting you have to into your start > setting

Go to system>power and sleep>additional power setting

Select High performance

Click change plan setting>change the advance power setting

And then confirm the power setting is adjust at high performance

9- Adding a cooling system

It’s very important to cool the system to get high performance with the efficiency of the components. When we play high-end games with high-quality components some time our gaming pc gets heat up to make our gaming pc cool down a Cooling system plays a major role during the heat. To cool down our system we can use external fans or internal fans to cool down GPU and processor and decrease the system heat.

10- Add high range power supply

To run high-quality components Graphics card, CPU you need to add high range power supply to run these components with easily and gets a very efficient performance. High-end and latest games always need some high power to work at their best. To run your games and GPU above 400W power supply is recommended.


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How to increase the performance of your Laptop

  • To increase your laptop performance few things you should consider.
  • Clean all the dust regularly
  • Install the latest DirectX version into your laptop
  • Close all the background working apps
  • Always check the network speed for the better online gaming experience
  • Active game mode to get high performance
  • Overclock GPU performance
  • Disable auto-update



If you wanted to turn your laptop into a gaming rig then you need to upgrade and optimize your system. Y adding the above values you can turn your laptop into a gaming pc in a very simple way. Above we simply describe how to turn your laptop into a gaming pc by adding a few simple setups you should follow these setups to turn your laptop into a gaming pc.


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