Nvidia is Going to Reintroduce Geforce RTX 2060 GPU With 12GB Memory in 2022

In earlier March 2021 Nvidia launched its RTX-3060 GPU series to offering high performance with a large memory of 12GB. Due to some issues, the RTX-3060 series is not available in the market.

Now the news about Nvidia is coming that, Nvidia is going to reintroduce its Geforce RTX 2060 series Graphics card with an update of 12GB memory. No doubt Nvidia needs to introduce Mid-range GPU because the cost of the Nvidia RTX-3060 series is high as compare to RTC 2060. So it’s a very good mid-range solution.


The Nvidia RTX 3060 series was updated to LHR variation but the RTX 3060 series face lots of problems in the market availability at MSPR because Nvidia unlocks full crypto hash rate performance through a developer driver.


Due to these problems according to sources, Nvidia is going to reintroduce its RTX 2060 GPU series. Nvidia will launch its RTX 2060 with an update of double memory 12GB DDR6 compare to its old RTX 6GB capacity.

The Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB GPU will be available in the market start of 2022. Nvidia has informed board partners to anticipate this graphics card series by the end of this year. Hopefully, this updated RTX 2060 12GB series Graphics card will give a good performance and fulfill the unavailability of the Nvidia RTX-3060 GPU series.


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