Top 7 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Better Then Console in 2021

In today’s world gaming is another way to relax your mind. Well in this Tech world our young generation is very interested in the gaming world they would like to play games whether they like to play PC gaming or console video games Xbox, Playstation5, videos games. Everyone has their own choices some people like PC games or some like console video gaming. Today we are going to discuss 7 reasons why Pc gaming is better than console in 2021.

7 Reason Why PC Gaming is Better Than console

  • 1-play games on better graphic
  • 2-streaming facility
  • 3-you can play multiple games
  • 4-better control
  • 5-easily upgrade
  • 6-multi-tasking
  • 7-Add different modes

1-Play games on better Graphic

In PC Gaming you can play games with better graphics on high frame rates. IN console graphics are not bad but you cannot improve graphics like PC gaming. In PC Gaming you can add a graphic card to improve graphics in high-quality resolution.

2-Streaming facility

If you are a streamer then PC Gaming is best for you it provides a streaming facility in which you can easily stream your online games through PC gaming and take advantage of PC gaming.

3-YOU can play multiples Games

In console Xbox and plystation5, you are not able to play Multiples games but in PC gaming you gat the advantages of playing multiple games which you are love to play and have fun.

4-Better control

With PC gaming you get better control and you can set control According to your games where you feel easy and comfortable. Better game control impacts your gameplay and you can improve your gameplay through this control.

5-Easily upgrade

The advantages of PC Gaming are you can easily customize or upgrade your PC accessories According to your needs. Which is why PC Gaming is better than console gaming because for the up-gradation of the console you cannot upgrade the old one you have to buy a new console?


Another reason why PC Gaming is better is that it provides a multi-tasking facility. You can play multiples games and also perform multiple tasks on them. Compare To Console you cannot perform multitasking on the console. They are made for only a single task of video games.

7-Add different Modes

In PC Gaming you can add different modes which help you to play games in better quality and graphics. These modes are made by different tech-savvy gamers who improve your games look and you can also add weapons through these modes in your games.


In this article, we have discussed 7 reasons why PC gaming is better than consoles. Hopefully, this will help to understand you advantages of PC Gaming compare with consoles. Now it’s up to you what you prefer because it’s about people’s choices some like PC Gaming some like console video gaming. It’s up to people what they prefer According to Their needs and likes.


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