The Battlefield 2042 Release Date and Weapons Game-play footage has been leaked

If you are looking for news about the battlefield 2042 beta version release date then you are in the right place because we are going to tell you the real story behind the news about battlefield 2042. According to the news, the beta version could be coming next week. The release date leaked by an Italian retailer, that the battlefield 2042 is going to take place between September 6-11 coming next week. According to an Italian retailer, you can pre-order the beta version by 3 September and get early access from 6-11 September.

For the confirmation of this news, it was asked by Electronic Arts for their authenticity about this news and the news has confirmed by electronic arts that battlefield 2042 beta will release in September but the official release date is not yet given.

We can say that the news about the release date of Battlefield 2042 is on the way and maybe coming in the next week. So it could be the right news about the release date of Battlefield 2042 by an Italian retailer.

If you want to get early access to the battlefield 2042 you have to pre-order any version of the game. You can play the standard edition of Battlefield 2042 on Xbox series X/S, PC, and PS5 but not recommended for play station 5.

Customers who pre-order battlefield 2042, will get early access to the game and the prices are different for every edition.

Golden edition prices

PC – $89.99

Consoles -$99.99

Ultimate edition prices

PC- $109.99

Consoles – $119.99

Battlefield 2042 coming up with a new hazard zone and the latest weapons in the game and will going to be an amazing experience for you to enjoy battlefield 2042 with new features to get a better gaming experience.


Leaked footage of battlefield 2042 weapons

Battlefield 2042 is going to release in next coming week of September .previously the news was leaked about the release date and now the news about footage of the weapons battlefield 2042 also has been leaked.

Leaked footage of battlefield 2042 weapons
Battlefield 2042

The reason for the leaked footage is the technical playtest because earlier, playtest gives a hands-on demo of the gameplay. In that demo there are six weapons has shown that will be used on the battlefield 2042. According to this demo beta version is coming with 2 Assult Rifles, 2 SMG, 1LMG,  and 1Shotgun.In leaked footage, we can also see there are multiple players fighting with helicopters.

Leaked footage of battlefield 2042 weapons
Battlefield 2042

The maps footage is also shown in leaked of battlefield 2042.No doubt beta version is going to be full of vibrant and beautiful environment for the gaming lover of battlefield 2042.

We are much excited to share more news and features of the game release by battlefield 2042 gameplay stay tuned with us.

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