The (Beast canyon) NUC II Extreme kit, Mini Gaming PC Lunches by Intel Range of $ 1,150

Intel launches the latest beast canyon mini gaming PC with the support of full gaming accessories to get the impressive experience of gaming for users.

In the previous people judge gaming PCs from their physical size not from their components that how many powerful components they have but now it does not matter at all because you can get impressive gaming pc with powerful components in mini size like mini gaming PC lunches by Intel.

Intel has launched its powerful mini gaming PC (NUC II Extreme kit) named beast canyon.

(Beast canyon) NUC II Extreme Kit Mini gaming Pc
Image credit: Intel

This NUC II Extreme kit has around (1.4*7.4*4.7) inches in size and contains a processor, motherboard, RAM, and Storage support full-size graphic card. You can also upgrade this beast canyon mini gaming Pc according to your needs and desires.

This Intel NUC II Extreme kit is also customizable and has installed powerful gaming features like other powerful gaming PCs.


There are two types of models available:

Models Processor Prices
1-NUC II BTMi7 Core i7 II700B $1150
2-NUC II BTi9 Core i9 II900KB $1350


IN both mini gaming PC, if you want to play games then the components of gaming PC like RAM, Storage, and graphic card you need to add you’re own, and that why it is going to be costly.

This Beast Canyon mini gaming PC NUC II Extreme supports a full-size graphic card and 64GB DDR4 – 3200 RAM and you can make this gaming PC like a fully powerful gaming rig.


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