The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021

The most important thing that comes to our mind when we buy a gaming PC which is, budget of a gaming pc. In today’s many people are interested in gaming pc and wanted to build a custom gaming pc under $500 but because of their budget, they cannot afford a high range gaming PC. But you don’t need to be worry there is a custom gaming PC that you can build for under $500 in 2021. In this custom gaming PC, you will play AAA games without worry and enjoy your favorite games.

Whenever we are going to buy a gaming PC we imagine that they are very high in price. No doubt there are lots of gaming PC available in the market with higher prices but you can also get a custom gaming PC build for under $500.To build a custom gaming PC under 500 dollars no doubt compromises are made. The Components of a custom gaming PC under 500 dollars are not that high level as compared to high-end gaming components.

In this gaming budget gaming PC you will get a very good gaming experience because of its quality components. Down below we are going to discuss all the components using in this best gaming PC under $500 and their specs in detail.


Best Custom Gaming PC under $500



XFX ATI Radeon HD 4850 AMD’s RYZEN 5 1600 16GB DDR4 Elite Plus 500GB SSD AS Rock B450M Pro4


  • Fewer budgets
  • Upgradeable
  • Very easily build


  • Mid-range performance
  • Design compromise

Components of custom gaming PC under $500



The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021

In budget gaming PC we use Processor CPU (AMD RYZEN 3 3100) which is very good. This Processor (CPU) can boost speed from 3.6GHZ to 3.9GHZ and you can play AAA games without worry. THE (AMD RYZEN 3100) is specially made for budget gaming PC and it has very good single-core- performance. It is perfect for AAA games you can play smoothly.


GPU (Graphics card)

 The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021

In a budget gaming PC the (RX 560) Graphics card is used which is not the best but it is best if you want to build a Custom Gaming pc under 500 dollars. With (RX 5600) Graphics card you can play most games at a high frame rate like 60FPS. This (GPU) performance is very good and it’s nearly around the (PS4 Pro) performance. This is the best GPU according to budget if you want to spend $150 then this is the best (GPU) graphic card.


 The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021

There is 16GB of DDR4 Ram is used in this budget gaming PC which is enough for various games and multiple task workload. This 16GB RAM makes the better speed of a gaming PC and you can play various games.


The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021The Best Custom gaming PC under $500 in 2021

 Due to low budget comprises has made in storage. In this budget Gaming PC (EVO 500GB SSD) Storage is installed which is not bad for a custom gaming pc under 500 dollars. But if you need more storage to add in this Custom gaming at some stage you can add easily.


Advantages of custom gaming PC build under $500

1 – Less Budget

One of the biggest advantages of any gaming PC is less Budget. This custom gaming PC under $500 is very less in budget and you can afford this easily and purchase a gaming pc in very less budget. Before buying this budget gaming PC always keep in mind that this PC is not capable of a high frame rate of 100FPS or4K games. These gaming PC capable of AAA games play at 1080P.


2 – Upgradeable

We know that Technology is working faster and day by day there are multiple games in the market increasing in size according to demand. The advantage of this budget gaming PC under $500 is upgradable, you can upgrade this custom PC at any stage where you need more powerful components According to your requirement.

3 – Easy to build

 This budget gaming PC is very easy to build because in this PC the (thermal take VERSA HSS) case is used which helps us to build this gaming PC for under $500 very simple and Easy.



IF you wanted to build a custom gaming PC for under 500 dollars then this AMD RYZEN gaming PC is best for you. You can easily build a gaming PC in this budget and enjoy your favorite AAA games on 1080P. Because this Gaming PC has very good components installed inside it and make it’s very good in performance. Hopefully, this will help you to build a custom gaming pc under $500 in 2021 but If you have more money then you can buy a litter high range PC to get very good performance.

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