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Most people looking for this answer, where to sell a gaming PC. A Gaming Pc gives a very good performance for 2-3 years max period after that we need to change our gaming PC. If we see the market it’s full of these second-hand gaming PCs because most people sell their gaming PC 2 to 3 years and get a new one.

The main reason to sell a gaming PC after few years is that the technology introduces a new version of gaming PC in a very small period with high-quality components which are very compatible with the latest games and you can run games with high ends performance.

If you want to exchange or sell your gaming PC and looking for where to sell a gaming pc then we have come up with the best PC selling websites where you can sell a gaming PC.


Best PC Selling Websites

  • Face book market place
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • com/r/hardware swap
  • Gazelle+
  • Next worth
  • Best buy

Where to sell a Gaming PC?

If you wanted to sell your old gaming PC and wanted to buy a new one then you can with these PC selling Websites. Down below we are going to discuss in detail that how to sell a gaming PC and where to sell a gaming PC.


1-Facebook market place

Where to sell a Gaming PC

Facebook is one of the big marketplaces where you can sell your gaming PC. Almost three years ago Facebook introduces its features about buying and selling where you can easily sell your products.

The main reason that why Facebook is number one is because it is available in almost every country and almost 450 million users are buying and selling their product with the Facebook market.

For selling on the Facebook market place you need to post your product with some real pictures consist of some details and post it into groups that are nearby to you. After that, the buyer will contact you easily and you can sell your gaming PC.



Where to sell a Gaming PC

Amazon is the most popular platform for buying and selling your products in the world. It works in more than 200 countries. Most people use Amazon to sell their mobiles, smartwatches, and computers. Amazon will charge some amount for these selling services where you can sell your gaming PC easily.

If you wanted to sell your products through the Amazon platform then make sure that it’s fault-free and after that Amazon will fix the rate of your product. You have to send your product through currier with a shipping fee.


3-e Bay

Where to sell a Gaming PC

eBay another platform knows for selling and buying products. You can sell gaming PC through this platform. eBay has almost 165 million users on its platform.

For selling on eBay you need to upload your gaming PC pictures and detail briefly and confirm the shipping option. eBay will fix the price of your gaming PC. Keep in mind to sell your gaming PC eBay applies its fee charge.


4-Reddit.com/r/hard wares

How To Sell A Gaming PC

Reddit is another best and safe place to sell your gaming PCs. This platform is very good and highly moderated there is no space for spammers on this platform. On this platform, every buyer and seller much have 50 days old account with a minimum of 100 comments on his accounts you cannot use a new account for selling your product on this platform.

If you wanted to sell on this platform you need to verify every item with pictures, detail, and username with a date. To sell this platform you need to wait for long. If you do not wait for this it would be not the best selling platform for you.



If you wanted to sell your different tech products like mobiles, Tables, Gaming PC, laptops, and then this is one of the best platforms for selling and buying your product.

To sell your gaming pc you need to ship your gaming pc to Gazelle without any fee. You will get a sender box from the sites and they will pay you through PayPal money transfer.


6-Best Buy

Best Buy is a similar platform compare to Amazon. You can sell your product in easy and simple ways. However, it’s much slower to get paid compare to Amazon it takes ten days turnaround instead of Amazon take two days.


7-Next Worth

To sell your product on this platform it takes 10-15 days to get paid you. You can sell your product through this platform to trade them in.


How much should I sell my gaming PC for?

Well, it depends that how much the price of your gaming PC when you had bought your new PC. If a PC has issues for $1000 then you are not getting $1000 or even $800. If you buy a new gaming PC for $1000 and next week wanted to sell then it well worth $700 and after a month it will be $500 because technology comes up with new latest products in the market Due to this the old version products prices get down. That is why it depends that how latest your device is to sell is well worth it.


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